SolarWinds Announces Server & Application Monitor v. 5.0

SolarWinds today announced their release of Server and Application Monitor v5.0 as well as reviewed a few of their recent acquisitions  as well as new in house platforms and how they fit into their current portfolio.

Acquired in December, 2011. With a current user base of over 100,000, they felt it was a appropriate place to jump into the single sysadmin remote support tool space. v8 will be coming out ‘soon’ and add features such as chat and capture screenshots to the already fairly extensive feature set. I’m an heavy DameWare user and am glad to see their dedication to development of this product.

Acquired in Feb 2012. EminentWare WSUS Extension Pack will become SolarWinds Patch Manager. The base product will include a limited set of 3rd party applications as maintenance on the platform – Mozilla, Apple, Java, Adobe, etc. Their goal is to get the price down to “couple bucks” a node to make it affordable to any size shop.

Synthetic End User Monitor
This suite monitors web applications in which you perform quick recording of sequence of web page walk throughs and the application will run through steps, giving alerts if any steps are slow or don’t work. New to the feature set is their Cloud Player Portal which can be deployed into an Amazon EC2 instance directly from the product itself. This gives admins the ability to monitor sites from all over world and is priced per transaction, which has a pretty encompassing definition (can be a login to site, complete action = 1 transaction, etc.). With Amazon’s recent drastic price reduction, this could be a pretty affordable, flexible and valuable option.

The big news, though, is their release of Server & Application Monitor (SAM) v 5.0, formerly Application Performance Monitor (press release below). The new name is to reflect the more extensive reach of the application and what its capabilities are focused on – from just application monitoring to now including real-time hardware health, operating system and application health and performance.

SolarWinds Adds Server Hardware Health, Real-Time Process Monitoring, and IPv6 Support to its Flagship Server & Application Monitoring Product  


SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor is now Server & Application Monitor  


AUSTIN, Texas – March 7, 2012 – SolarWinds® (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced today the release of Server & Application Monitor v. 5.0 (SAM), formerly known as Application Performance Monitor (APM). The latest version of the product introduces several exciting features including a server hardware health monitor, the Real-Time Process Explorer, and support for IPv6.

“The purpose of every SolarWinds systems management product is to enable IT professionals to do their jobs faster and with less effort, all at a more affordable price,” Denny LeCompte, vice president of product management at SolarWinds, said. “Every new feature in SAM started as a user request on thwack, our online community, and we have made improvements in the product to meet our customers’ needs.”

The new name more accurately reflects the product’s focus on monitoring server and application health and performance. Server & Application Monitor is a comprehensive server and application management product that enables monitoring of Windows, Unix, and Linux servers. It provides visibility into the performance of critical IT services, the underlying application components, and the operating system and server resources on which they run.

New features in version 5 include:

·        A server hardware health monitor that provides alerts on server fan speed, power supply status, and more hardware health indicators for vendors such as Hewlett-Packard (HP) ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge, IBM X Series, and VMware Hosts

·        The Real-Time Process Explorer, which monitors processes real-time performance statistics like CPU, memory, virtual memory, and disk I/O in real time to diagnose and troubleshoot server performance issues quickly

·        Support for IPv6

·        More than 30 new and updated out-of-the-box server and application monitoring templates

SAM benefits for sysadmins:

·        Comprehensive server and application coverage (email, Active Directory, Java, database, hardware, etc.), which eliminates the need for multiple monitoring products 

·        Easy-to-use, customizable dashboards and reports for viewing trends, capacity, and performance

·        Expert Templates that provide best practices information into which statistics should be monitored and why, as well as optimal thresholds 

·        Business service views and alerts that can be configured for fast root-cause analysis

“We’re excited about the new hardware monitoring features of SAM 5.0; as soon as we check the box to monitor our hardware, we can extend the notification and alerting to our server desk application and immediately notify staff if a failure takes place,” Jed Krisch, manager of technical services, Carilion Clinic, said. “With Real-Time Process Monitoring, we can see what’s going on with the server over time. If there’s a process using a lot of resources that we aren’t already monitoring, we can start capturing historical data with just a few clicks. This just wasn’t possible with other products we tried.”

SolarWinds SAM is one of five key products in the SolarWinds systems management product portfolio. Together, these products address the troubleshooting, patch management, and performance monitoring needs of the system administrator. This portfolio also includes Synthetic End User Monitor (SeUM) and three new products: Patch Manager, DameWare NT Utilities, and DameWare Mini Remote Control.

Pricing and Availability 

Pricing for SolarWinds SAM starts at $2,495. For more information, visit the SolarWinds website, download a free 30-day evaluation trial, or call 866.530.8100.

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