Boats with Roger

Ok, this is in response to a twitter thread

Whilst at The Dell Storage Forum in Orlando, Roger Lund, Kristy Wilke and I had organized a #storagebeers and had even gotten a sponser! (once again, thank you Data Media Solutions). It was to all go down at 8pm in downtown Disney. Well, Roger, Kyle Murley and I decide to start walking to get there just before 8 to grab a spot. As we walk closer to the lake, Roger says “Hey, let’s take the boat across. It’ll drop us off right by the pub and we won’t have to walk very far. It’ll be fast.”

Having never been to Disney World ourselves, we put all our faith and trust in Roger. We board the boat, and we are the last 3 on, WHEW! Just made it. What a time saver. So then the boat leaves and it starts out heading AWAY from the dock we want to go to. Roger says, “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s taking the long way around the lake.” Well, all of a sudden we’re headed down this canal that is in the very opposite direction of the place we want to be. And the worst part it that this boat is going 2 freaking miles per hour!!

At this point, it’s already 8:00. We’re late to the event we organized! And worse, we’re late for BEER!

Turns out, there are two boats. One goes to the dock by the pub, the other goes to the freaking French Quarter! We get off at the French Quarter stop and have to hail a taxi back to Downtown Disney.

We finally arrived around 8:30, and yes, we drank….heavily.

Us on a boat:

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