Finally Blogging

Ok, so people have been on me to start blogging (*cough* Jonathan – @s1xth, Roger – @rogerlund, Gina – @gminks). Something about me gleaning information from other awesome blogs but not contributing anything of my own. Total jerk move. So here it is. Or at least, where it will be. Topics that I’ll try to cover (though don’t hold me to it):

– Virtualization
– Storage
– General Systems Administration
– Intersection of Community and Technology
– Technical trouble I get myself into, and hopefully out of 

Disclaimer: this may be extremely biased based on the technology I currently use (weird, I know).

For now, look at my dog smile for the camera.


One thought on “Finally Blogging

  1. Hey I never called you a jerk! I think its great you are blogging – can’t wait to see what you have to say…lots of great topics there. And what a pretty dog!

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